Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is a kind of advertising that basically focuses on enabling the end-user experience a brand. In traditional advertising, the brand message in verbally and visually delivered to the consumer. Whereas in experiential marketing, consumers are given an immersive experience by helping them engage with the product using as many human senses as possible. The objective of experiential marketing is to develop a memorable and emotional bond between the consumer and the brand which ultimately impacts the brand loyalty and buying decision of consumer.

One such recent campaign was TUC Tizer Double Decker Bus. I came across it near Boat Basin food street area. It caught my attention when a girl dressed up in very attractive chef attire approached me and invited me to visit the bus roof top. As I went near the bus I saw a group of boys and girls wearing same chef attire. They were preparing and serving snacks made out of TUC biscuits with different toppings, the combination of which they called TUCTIZER. The term was pretty new to me but any how out of the topping choices given to me, I preferred to have TUC with salsa and pepperoni while my mother went for TUC with cheese and green olive. The taste was really great and I think we all can easily prepare it at home to tackle our sudden hunger pangs at odd times.

Anyhow I had the TUCTIZER snack at the roof top of the double decker bus and clicked a few selfies as I’m an all time selfie freak. I must say, the live music was being played by the violin players on the spot was really amusing and it was the best addition to the overall ambiance. I’m hoping to see more such BTL activities by other brands in future that provide and ultimate enjoyable experience to the consumers.


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