TUC Vending Machine

These days vending machines can be found almost everywhere, dispensing our almost everything ranging from a beverage to a snack. The history of vending machine is quite old and interesting. It dates back to 215BC when an engineer and mathematician from Greece made a vending machine that dispensed holy water upon putting a coin in it.

Today vending machine is a multi-billion dollar industry. These days marketers are catching on anything innovative for advertising their products and services. One such notable campaign was of TUCTIZER vending machine I saw at the food court of Dolmen City mall. There was a long queue of people in front of it that increased my curiosity of what was going on there. So I joined them as in the waiting queue as well and believe me all the wait was worth it.

TUC Vending Machine had an interactive touch screen that gave me option of choosing my favorite topping flavor I would like to have with TUC biscuit. And once I had prepared my snack a.k.a TUC Tizer, it gave me an option to input my feedback regarding the taste which I absolutely loved. It was a brilliant idea and I think we need more creativity like this in our BTL industry.


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